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Church Music Tooleworks

CMT is a cataloging program for church musicians. It offers fast data entry, with many time-saving data entry features, including "carry-over" buttons to carry over data to the next entry (for example, while entering multiple works from the same author or publisher), automatic entry for many publishers, composers, tune names and authors, and automatic saving of data on entry. If you have your music catalog in another program (word processor, spreadsheet, database or professional program) we will import it for you AT NO COST. Just let us know!

CMT allows you to find just the right music for the right moment: you can search keywords, scriptures, lectionary readings, themes, and much more to find the exact music you need. Performance data is listed most-recent-first, so it's easy to see quickly. The Worship Planner allows you to plan services and concerts while entering performance data concurrently. You can also enter performance data while planning so that you can have lists of upcoming performances of vocal and instrumental music! Take a look at the fuller description on the Media page on this site.

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